10 Top Cities Leading on Urban Sustainability

Photo credit: C40, Nyhavn Copenhagen

Siemens and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40), earlier this month, recognised these 10 cities for their innovation and excellence in urban sustainability. C40 is a network of megacities, chaired by New York City Mayor Bloomberg, working together to tackle climate change.

Urban Transportation award for its efforts to green its Bus and Taxi fleets, working towards a target of replacing of 100% of its current diesel fleet with hybrid and full electric buses.
Carbon Measurement & Planning award for its 2025 Climate Plan ambition to become the first carbon neutral capital city by 2025.
Energy Efficient Built Environment award for its Sustainable Buildings Programme, and support for private commercial buildings to improve the energy and water efficiency.
Mexico City
Air Quality award for its ProAire programme which has seen impressive reductions in local air pollution and CO2 emissions over the last two decades.
Green Energy award for its 100% Green Power Plan aim to produce enough green electricity at its own plants by 2025 to meet the power requirements of the entire municipality.
New York
Adaptation & Resilience award for its 'A Stronger, More Resilient New York' plan to rebuild the communities impacted by Superstorm Sandy and increase the resilience of infrastructure and buildings citywide.
Rio de Janeiro
Sustainable Communities award for its urban revitalization strategy, which will invest in revitalization projects throughout the city with the aim of formalising all of the city's favelas by 2020.
San Francisco
Waste Management award for its zero waste programme which resulted in an unprecedented 80% landfill diversion rate.
Intelligent City Infrastructure award for its Intelligent Transport System, which uses the world's first Electronic Road Pricing Systems and real time traffic information delivered through GPS-enabled taxis.
Finance & Economic Development award for its Cap and Trade Programme requiring C02 reductions from large commercial and industrial buildings. In its first year over 1,100 facilities participated to reduced emissions by 13%.

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