3D Printed Buildings - Coming Soon to a Street Near You...

Photo credit: Landscape House, Universe Architecture

It won't be long before the first 3D printed building is up.

Here are the pathfinders...

  • Landscape House, Universe Architecture, Amsterdam

    Photo credit: Universe Architecture

    Janjaap Ruijssenaars, has designed a 12,000-square-foot Landscape House. The two storey concept will be produced using 3D printing techniques. Ruijssenaars is aiming to have the entire structure completed by 2014.

  • Proto House 2.0, Softkill Design, London, UK

    Photo credit: Softkill Design

    Softkill designed Proto House 1.0, the first prototype for a 3D printed building. Proto House 2.0, is now a 4x8m, one-storey building, and will be printed off-site in a factory.

  • DUS Public Architecture, Amsterdam

    Photo credit: DUS Public Architecture

    Four-story canal house in Amsterdam, printed using a purpose-built 3D printer which is housed inside a vertical shipping container. The first room of the house will be printed and assembled in 2013.

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