Part 2: 50 Top People in Rail

Part 2 of A Bidder's Guide to Great Britain's Rail Market is a who’s who directory of 50 key people in rail and how they work together.

To be a well-connected bidder, you need to know these 50 top people changing Britain’s railways. The list is made up key people from across government and regulated entities to industry groups and contractors. We arrived at the list by identifying leaders, decision-makers and influencers representing the different parts that make up Britain’s railways, focusing on passenger rail. It is not an exhaustive list, we had to draw the line at 50!

One glaring issue you will notice from the list, is that only 6 of the 50 people are women. We know much of our railway infrastructure dates back to Victorian times, but we didn’t expect women’s representation in rail today to be so woefully reminiscent of the Victorian era too. This isn't only an issue for leadership roles; the Rail Supply Group’s Fast Track for Growth report found women represent only 4% of the rail engineering workforce. If the 50 list can serve to draw further attention to the gender leadership gap in rail, then it’s a good job done.

The third and final part of the Guide – Companies Winning Work in Rail.

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