A Bidder’s Guide to Great Britain’s Rail Market

Credit: Network Rail

Over the next six years, Britain will invest around £100billion in the railways – on infrastructure, maintenance, rolling stock and renewing franchises. To win business in these areas, we’ve produced a Bidder’s Guide to help you understand the market and opportunities.

The Guide will be published in three parts from 6th May to 8th May 2015. It is aimed at individuals and teams with responsibility for business development, work winning and marketing.

A Bidder’s Guide to Great Britain’s Rail Market is made up of three infographics:

Each infographic takes raw data and information and transforms them into clear and understandable messages. We’ll be publishing one a day for the next three days!

The Guide is a collaboration between Infrabee and TDL London. We are not doing this for altruistic reasons; we are doing this to highlight two key components essential for winning bids:

  • Intelligence – to develop a persuasive win strategy for your bid
  • Information design – to clearly and powerfully communicate your bid proposals

If you want to find out more we can help you win bids or if you want us to email you a printable version of A Bidder’s Guide to Great Britain’s Rail Market email us.

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