Part 1: Britain's Railways Since Privatisation in 60 Seconds

Part 1 of A Bidder's Guide to Great Britain's Rail Market, is a 60-second round-up of the major events that have shaped the industry since privatisation.

It’s been a rickety journey for Britain’s railways since we started on the path of privatisation in 1994 - from flotation to renationalisation and franchise cancellations to mega-projects. As an informed bidder, you should know how we ended up with one of the most complicated and fragmented railway systems in Europe. So we’ve time-lined the most influential events in Britain’s railways from the last two decades in a 60-second round-up. Whether you’re the new kid on the block or an established player, the infographic’s colour-coded event icons are an easy way to follow key events to get up to speed.

Part 2 of the Guide - 50 Top People in Rail.

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