Part 3: Companies Winning Work in Rail

Part 3 of A Bidder's Guide to Britain's Rail Market is an overview of the companies winning in rail and poised to capitalise on future opportunities.

In the run-up to the General Election we were inundated with announcements of investments made and planned in infrastructure. We know Network Rail will invest £38billion to 2019 in improving the railways. Transport for London (TfL) spends £1.6bn on capital programmes annually, and the Department for Transport (DfT) will renew eight rail franchises in the next 36 months, and earmarked £50billion for High Speed 2.

We are a curious bunch, we analysed which companies were winning the big contracts in rail to show you those that are best placed to capitalise on future opportunities. We zoomed in on major awards by public sector bodies – Network Rail, TfL and the DfT. The infographic gives you an overview of how “the pie is carved” covering the mutually advantageous frameworks which give long term deals to contractors and delivery certainty to the public sector. These are companies you are likely to come up against, or the companies you might team up with…

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