Are mini-perms in or out?

No not the 80's hairstyle, but the short-term financing technique for PFI type transactions. Mini-perms hit the limelight following the financial crisis of 2008, when credit became less available and more costly. Now, seven years on, many mini-permanent loans are coming to maturity.

So what does this mean for the Project Finance sector? To help you understand this, and refinancing options, F1F9, the go-to experts for financial modelling, are hosting a webinar on the thorny issue next month.

Hosted by F1F9's Danny Leitch, Director Project Finance & PPP, with guests Nicolai Dillow, Managing Director, NordLB and Chip Haskell, Managing Director, The Vair Companies Inc, the webinar will cover:

The history and need for the mini-perm:

  • Starting with the 2008 crisis
  • How and why the mini-perm was structured

What next?

  • Existing financial products that can address the refinancing
  • Viability of new and different financial products that could compete for the refinancing

Risks and rewards to all capital providers:

  • Products, players and their respective risk appetites
  • Getting to financial close, and the timing and returns impact to the borrower

Register for the webinar "2015: The Start of Mini-Perm Debt Refinancing" on Thursday 2nd April 2015 at 2pm BST / 9am EDT.

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