UK Consultancies Want Infrastructure Innovation Fund

Photo credit, London Gatwick

The Management Consultancies Association’s new think tank yesterday published its first report "Building Blocks – How Britain can get infrastructure right" developed with input from consulting firms such as AECOM, Arup KPMG, and PwC. Hot on the trails of Infrabee, the report urges the government to capitalise on the UK’s infrastructure expertise and reputation by positioning us as a global hub for infrastructure innovation.

The report recommends the Treasury and Department of Business Innovation & Skills jointly fund an "Infrastructure Innovation Fund" to back research into new approaches for delivering infrastructure. It also highlights the need for UK Trade and Investment to include infrastructure within its export promotion strategy to help "trumpet" the value of our infrastructure capabilities abroad, and to also attract innovators to our shores.

Infrabee was set up just under a year ago to do exactly what the MCA has now clocked onto... promoting innovation in infrastructure. Doing so, not only helps the UK to create high quality and efficient infrastructure systems for a fairer and more sustainable society, but also reinstates the UK worldwide as best in class for its infrastructure capabilities.

Infrabee is the only independent player out there trumpeting the infrastructure innovation cause, through this site with global examples of the latest ideas, trends and insights shared in the spirit of collaboration. Infrabee will over the next 6-12 months continue to establish itself as the go-to digital hub for innovation and ideas that are making waves (or ripples) in the delivery of infrastructure across the world.

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