Wind Industry Launches Kitemark for Consumer Labels

Photo credit: Foster & Partners

A Belgium based not for profit association, Windmade, has launched a labelling programme for products that are manufactured with renewable energy. WindMade™ is the first global consumer label recognising products and companies made using wind energy.

The initiative aims to tackle climate change by increasing worldwide investment in wind power. Consumers will now be able to make informed purchasing decisions, choosing products which embrace a clean and renewable energy source.

Organisations can apply the label if their products are made using a minimum share of 75% of renewable energy in their total electricity consumption, with wind power representing the largest share. Membership of Windmade is needed to use the label. At the top end of the scale, the joining fee is €15,000 for companies with annual revenues above €500 million and €1,000 if their revenue is below €2 million. Not for profit organisations can join for €500.

WindMade™ is currently running a social media campaign 'Show You Care' to raise awareness of the label and are inviting people to send in photos of their favourite products to carry the WindMade label.

Vesta, one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers, is the lead sponsor of Windmade and is also a founding partner together with WWF, PWC, Bloomberg, Lego, United Nations Global Compact and the Global Wind Energy Council.

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