Our Services


Research Consultancy

We carry out customised research and analysis to meet your intelligence requirements. We will work with you to define the problem and issues clearly. Our methods draw upon on rigorous analytical techniques, broad experience and creativity to generate practical and evidence-based intelligence.

Our research has helped companies to:

  • Make Go/No Go Decisions
  • Develop winning bid proposals
  • Select investment opportunities
  • Build stronger propositions
  • Evaluate joint venture partners
  • Enter new market segments

Monitoring Services

We provide current awareness and early warning of the many competitive threats and opportunities out there. We tirelessly track what's important on your behalf, so you know what's happening now and what will happen next. We translate relevant information into impactful insights, producing bespoke intelligence briefings to keep you well informed.



Custom Research delivering expert insight and analysis into markets and sectors to guide business growth. We evaluate the scale of the opportunity; and what it takes to succeed as a new entrant.


Bid Intel Reports provide you with essential customer and competitor intelligence to craft a winning bid strategy. We help you differentiate your offer and provide the best solutions for the client.


We get you up to speed quickly on your competitors, who they are and how they threaten you. We evaluate their differentiators, capabilities and identify changes in their strategies and plans, to keep you out in front.


We interpret their strategy, performance, operations and drivers to build your understanding what’s important to them, so you are better positioned to meet their needs.

Why Choose Us?

We're the experts at what we do

We are specialists in - Construction, Infrastructure & Government Outsourcing - we have delivered hundreds of projects and understand the UK landscape better than anyone else.

We deliver results quickly

Our clients trust us to deliver high-quality outcomes within short timescales. We know where to look and who to talk to. Speed is essential to providing value.

We're inventive problem solvers

We bring inspiration, creative methodologies, rigorous analysis and dogged determination to resolving challenges and capturing opportunities.

We speak to real people

We don't just rely on the published word, we go out there and talk to the experts to get close the reality.

We are independent

We provide objective, evidence-based intelligence so you can act on fact and not assumptions.

We exist to give you the competitive edge in a tough marketplace.

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