About Us

What we do

We are a competitive insights consultancy. We provide intelligence on markets, bids, customers and competitors, exclusively for Construction, Infrastructure and Government outsourcing sectors.

We provide valuable insights via bespoke Bid Intel Reports, comprehensive Competitor Profiles, robust Market Assessments and early-warning Monitoring Services. Our clients include contractors, consultancies and manufacturers; we work closely with business development, work winning and marketing teams.

Who we are

Infrabee was set up by Salia Mogensen, who over the past decade has delivered numerous competitive intelligence commissions for the UK's leading contractors. Our core team includes analysts and subject matter experts who blend deep industry expertise, first-class research capabilities and creativity to deliver results.

How we work

We will inspire you to make bold decisions with confidence. When you work with us we promise to:

  • Maintain discretion and confidentiality
  • Observe highest ethical standards
  • Offer an independent perspective
  • Challenge you when it is necessary

The answers you are looking for are out there; you just need us to hunt them down for you. Our approach involves:

  • Working closely with you to define your objective
  • Analysing information, crunching data and speaking to experts
  • Using our judgement and expertise to connect the dots
  • Presenting meaningful intelligence for you to apply

Infrabee is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

When to Call Us

Companies call us when they are under pressure and to need to raise their game to compete to win.

  • You don't have a winning bid strategy for a must-win contract
  • You keep selecting the wrong opportunities to pursue
  • You are losing jobs to competitors by a narrow margin
  • You don't know who the people you are pitching to are
  • You are following and not leading in innovation
  • You need to improve your market positioning
  • You are the last to hear about important industry developments
  • You cannot summarise the top five issues affecting your customer
  • You spend too much time researching instead of winning new business

We exist to give you the competitive edge in a tough marketplace.

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